If you know what you're eating, it tastes better. Especially when you know that all the ingredients on the pizza are honest and fresh. We show you where the ingredients come from, and how our pizzas are made. From a fresh dough ball to your favourite pizza. Enjoy!


Domino’s dough is freshly prepared on a daily basis at our own dough factory in Nieuwegein, Netherlands. We deliver them twice a week to our stores. This means that we always work with fresh dough. Tasty dough needs some time to rise. Approximately 48 hours. With their experienced hands our pizza bakers ensure that they make the best pizza bottoms, out of the freshest dough.

Fun fact:
In Nieuwegein we make 12.000 pizza doughs a day!

Fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes

Our tomato sauce is made of special tomatoes that are cultivated exclusively for us. The only thing that we add to the tomato sauce, is our own spice mix. No sugars, artificial flavoring or fragrances. That’s because we strongly believe in the use of pure ingredients.

Fun fact: putting tomato sauce on a pizza seems simple, but it is not. It is craftsmanship. To start, you have got to apply pressure on the spoon correctly. After that, you have to gently circle outwards.

Pure, fresh and so delicious


The tasty, smooth cheese on your pizza? That’s pure and fresh mozzarella. Made of milk and… nothing else.

Would you prefer a vegan option? We have that for you as well. Our vegan cheese is made by Bedda, out of soybeans.

Crispy fresh and full of flavor

We love fresh, fair and delicious vegetables. That’s why we have been buying them from the same local greengrocer inside the Benelux, for years. As well as the tomatoes. Those are cultivated specially for our pizzas. They have a better flavor and hold a low amount of water.

We continue to search for ingredients that taste even better. That’s why our jalapeño peppers are spicier and also why our pineapple is sweeter compared to others.

A lot of taste. Fair ingredients

We think that quality and taste are extremely important. That’s why we are very honest about the ingredients on your pizza. Because we understand that it tastes better when you know what you eat. Our menu is 85% free of E-numbers, and we are proud of that.

And the meat on our pizzas: we grant animals a better life. That’s why we work together with the CIWF* and signed the Better Chicken Commitment**.

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